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The Hydro Pet – Deluxe Bundle with Automatic Timer

$ 67.50

This kit includes everything you need to set up your automatic water bowl....

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Product Description

This kit includes everything you need to set up your automatic water bowl. Install and you're done! 

  • The Hydro Pet bowl
  • ¾” Hose to ¼” Tubing Adapter
  • 5 feet of 1/4 inch drip line to tie the bowl into your system
  • 3 stakes to stake the bowl to the ground
  • Automatic timer
This watering bowl has a generous capacity of over one gallon, so it can be used for large dogs or pets. The bowl is BPA free, so it is more eco friendly. This kit is designed to easily and quickly hook the bowl to your hose faucet outlet anywhere in the yard. Please watch the video by inventor Ed Vacarro for instructions, and his recommendations to hook the Hydro Pet up to a hose faucet on an automatic timer (our site offers all the affordable parts for this).
One of the unique benefits of this pet watering bowl is that contaminated water is agitated and flushed out by powerful micro jets, then fills with clean, fresh water. The spill over of water from this process is funneled out a depression in the top of the bowl, thus watering a nearby tree or shrub on the timing of your watering. The micro jet agitation of the water means your pets won't be taking in bio material contaminants or mosquito larvae or other harmful substances that may be in stagnating water. 

Key Benefits

  • Fresh, clean water keeping your pet healthy and hydrated
  • 135oz (1.05 gallons) capacity
  • Includes everything to connect to your homes current watering system
  • 3 Micro Jets strategically placed to refill water and expel light debris efficiently
  • No electrical components


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