Why The Hydro Pet?

Other automatic pet watering systems only refill the bowl once the water has dropped below a certain level, leaving your pets to drink dirty and contaminated water.

The Hydro Pet has specially designed, pressure-powered water jets that expel dirty water and bio-material buildup from the bowl as it refills. Nothing but clear, fresh, healthy water!

What sets us apart:

  • Auto fills
  • Extra Large 1.05 gallon capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Every kit includes everything you need for setup
  • 3 micro jets agitate water, helping to expel debris, bacteria, and insect larvae
  • Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and other pets have access to CLEAN water on the daily timing of your outdoor watering system.
  • Bowls are BPA free & assembled in America
  • Bowls can be anchored to the ground to help keep them in place
  • Additional accessories are available
  • No electrical components needed
  • Recycled water from bowl waters nearby trees, shrubs and plants in your yard.

The Hydro Pet and the Zika Epidemic

Zika is here and it is time to protect you and your family. 

In the video below, Rear Admiral Stephen Pachuta, The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps, delivers a public service announcement about the Zika Virus.

Remember there is no vaccine and no cure for Zika, but we can take preventive measures.  Watch as Ed Vaccaro talks about the ways that The Hydro Pet can be used as a preventive method.

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