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What is The Hydro Pet?

The Hydro Pet is an automatic pet water bowl that refills with fresh, clean water. A convenient solution that provides health benefits for your outdoor pets. 

Did you know that biofilm – the clear slime that gathers in your pet’s dish – is a collection of organic and inorganic materials that have been found to be involved in a wide variety of infections and diseases? Topping off your pet’s bowl could still leave them vulnerable. The Hydro Pet’s patented design expels water dirtied with grime, insect larvae and plant life.

Perfect for dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, wild birds and other small to large size animals that live or spend time outdoors.

What sets The Hydro Pet apart? 

Other outdoor automatic pet watering systems only refill the bowl once the water has dropped below a certain level, leaving your pets to drink dirty and contaminated water.

The Hydro Pet has specially designed, pressure-powered water jets that expel dirty water and bio-material buildup from the bowl as it refills. Nothing but clear, fresh, healthy water!

What sets us apart:

  • Auto fills
  • Extra Large 1.05 gallon capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Every kit includes everything you need for setup
  • 3 micro jets agitate water, helping to expel debris, bacteria, and insect larvae
  • Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and other pets have access to CLEAN water on the daily timing of your outdoor watering system.
  • Bowls are BPA free & assembled in America
  • Bowls can be anchored to the ground to help keep them in place
  • Additional accessories are available
  • No electrical components needed
  • Recycled water from bowl waters nearby trees, shrubs and plants in your yard.

Where did the idea come from?

It was an unbelievably hot summer in 2012, but one day in July, the temperature reached over 105°. Ed’s neighbors were getting ready to go to work when they discovered that their pup, Pebbles, was in heat. They separated Pebble’s and her true love, Bam Bam, into separate areas of the yard.

While at work, Bam Bam knocked over his water bowl into the side yard. By complete accident, with no other source of water, Bam Bam became dehydrated and passed on that evening, leaving his family heartbroken.

Along came….

While unsuccessfully scouring the market for a way to prevent this from happening to other well-meaning pet owners, Ed had a moment of clarity and began inventing The Hydro Pet.

Ed wanted to create and market a watering bowl product that not only refilled itself and stayed put, but also strongly agitated and flushed out the old water from the day before, helping to remove bio material, film and debris; keeping your pets safe from diseases while hydrating!

Learn about our CEO Ed Vaccaro

Ed grew up in northern California during the 70’s. Both of Ed’s parents were in the flower business while his uncle was in the plant business. His relationship with his family and those businesses influenced the direction Ed would be going in life. From early childhood, he was noted as being a keen animal lover. Animals would always be part of Ed’s life, and even though he spent much of his time playing multiple sports, he was also a member of the famed animal husbandry organization 4-H. In 1979 Ed graduated from De La Salle High School in Concord, California.

He decided in the 80’s to go into the solar business and attended school at Maricopa Tech in Phoenix, Arizona, studying Hydronic and solar. He worked in the solar industry for a period of time until the tax credits were no longer available for businesses and homeowners. He then decided to go back to his roots and launched his own plant business. Within a short time after he started this new business he won accounts with the large grocery store chains: Raley’s and Smith foods. He also opened a store in the San Francisco Flower Market. As well, Ed supplied hundreds of flower shops in locations throughout California and Nevada.

As the 80’s came to a close Ed sold his business to another grower who wanted and needed the distribution Ed had established. Ed discovered he not only enjoyed product development and process, but he also loved sales. He was offered a job as a loan officer at Bank of America in 1991. By 1996 he was promoted to SVP Regional Manager for Northern California and Hawaii. This position continued until 2001 when Ed was recruited to JPMorgan Chase as SVP Regional Manager. Ed continued to work in the mortgage business where he ended up at Banc of California serving as the Regional VP and running the North West Region. 

 Ed Vaccaro - The Hydro Pet CEO & Founder

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