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The Hydro Pet - Love Your Pets

The Hydro Pet is an outdoor automatic filling water bowl for pets—refreshing with fresh clean water, and recycling the old water to nearby trees, shrubs, and plants.


Are you a pet-parent and a garden-geek? The Hydro Pet is the best of both worlds.

Other automatic watering systems have electrical components and only refill the bowl once water has dropped below a certain level. With the Hydro Pet, you choose how often the bowl cleans and refills. Your bowl then recycles that old water for your garden or landscaping. Install to your home’s hose bib, drip system or sprinkler system and you’re done!

The Hydro Pet is perfect for dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs and other pets that spend time outdoors.

The Hydro Pet- Retail Box

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