on Oct 14, 16

Winter Tips for Pets

Welcome to The Hydro Pet Post, your source for pet tips, tricks and news. Today we're getting a head-start on winter so you can be prepared. If you're already the lucky owner of a Hydro Pet bowl and live in a snowy area, watch the video above! 

Winter is coming! Don't fall for these pet myths this coming season: 

Myth: My pet's paw pads and fur protect the from the elements! 

Fact: Although your pet's paws and fur do protect them quite a bit, they are not immune to the cold. Did you know that harsh winter chemicals like snow-salt can tear into your pet's paws? Even with a cozy layer of fur, your pets can still be the victims of frost-bite. It's up to us to keep them safe and warm. 

Myth: I don't need to put water out. They eat the snow! 

Fact: Although melted ice does obviously become water, it is not a pet's (especially a cat's) natural instinct to turn to snow for hydration. Running around outside, even in the winter, can quickly lead to dehydration. Snow is also prone to carrying harmful bacteria. Always make sure your pet has easy access to fresh, clean, non-stagnant water! 

Myth: Dogs and cats don't need grooming during the colder months

Fact: Because (hopefully) your pets are going to be spending more time indoors, it's important to check their coats, eyes, feet and nose regularly for dryness. Just like humans, the sudden temperature changes can effect their skin.

Stay warm! 
The Hydro Pet Team


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