on Nov 07, 16

Holiday Plants to Keep Away from Your Pets

For many of us, November 1st means winter is near - let the decorating commence! For our pets, this change means heightened curiosity and unfortunately for us, new things to chew on. 

Us during the holidays!
Did you know that a lot of our favorite holiday foliage is actually highly toxic to your pets?
Here is a list of some plants to keep out of chewing distance: 
1. Amaryllis
This holiday beauty can cause vomiting, hypotension (drop in blood pressure) and respiratory depression in pets. The majority of the harm can come from pets eating the leaves, stems and bulbs of these plants. 
2. Mistletoe
The plant of lovers can actually be highly toxic to your fur-children. Although many people use mistletoe as table decor, it's best to keep out of distance from your dogs and cats this holiday season. When ingested in large amounts, this plant can cause abnormal heart rate, collapse, hypotension, ataxia (walking drunk) seizures and even death. 
3. Zygocactus (aka Christmas Cactus) 
Christmas cactus is a holiday favorite and although it's not as dangerous as the above listed plants to your pets, it does have toxic components that could be harmful in large amounts. When consumed, the fibrous plant material causes mechanical irritation to the stomach and intestine which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Keep in a high-up place to get rid of temptation! 
Stay tuned for Part II, and remember, love your pets! 
The Hydro Pet Team

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