on Oct 17, 16

Using the Hydro Pet for Chickens and Other Backyard Pets

Did you know that The Hydro Pet self-filling outdoor water bowl is the perfect hydration solution for chickens, geese, goats and other backyard pets? 

How to Keep your Backyard Chickens Hydrated and Safe: 

Always have fresh water available. 

Having a clean, bacteria free water bowl is critical to keeping your chickens safe, healthy and hydrated. Refilling the bowl throughout the day keeps water clean and cools off otherwise stagnant, warm water to prevent heat exhaustion. 

Make sure water is insect larvae free. 

Although your chickens love insects, not all are created equal. Mosquito larvae can be extremely dangerous. We've seen topics online discussing treating water that your chickens have access to with chemicals. Keep your chickens chemical free by getting a self-filling outdoor water bowl instead. Visit our shop now page to explore some options! 

Add some treats. 

Frozen treats are yummy for your chicken, and fun for you. Freeze berries in a container and add the frozen bits to their water to keep their minds active, and their bodies cooled down and hydrated. 

Check out this yummy frozen treat idea on Fresh Eggs Daily!  Fabulous tips for chicken-parents. 
Stay Hydrated! 
The Hydro Pet Team



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