on Mar 21, 17

The HydroPet Chicken Hood: Coming Soon!

Are you a backyard chicken keeper looking for a convenient, reliable, and cost-friendly way to keep your flock watered? The HydroPet has your solution!

Our patent-pending Chicken and Fowl Barrier- or "Chicken Hood"-  attaches easily to your HydroPet automatic water bowl, allowing your chickens to drink while preventing them from standing on the edge and mucking up their water.

Chickens' natural instinct is to drink flowing or pooled water, rather than from a nipple watering system. With The HydroPet Chicken Hood, you keep your flock happy with the fresh, clean water from your HydroPet bowl without the hassle of constant cleaning and refills!

We are excited to announce the pending release of the Chicken Hood, coming this summer! Look for the Chicken Hood on our online store, or find it at Home Depot, Walmart, or select Ace Hardwares at a date TBA!

The HydroPet

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