on Oct 24, 16

Prepping Your Pets for Emergencies

In light of today's Hydro Pet Daily topic about "Keeping your Pet's Water Bowl Mosquito Free After a Hurricane" (a time when mosquito larvae are known to thrive), we've made a list of ways to prep your pet for disaster. 

How to Prepare Your Pets for an Emergency: 

1. Create an Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit should be easy-to-reach, and should include a collar with tags, leash, a current photograph of your pet, your pet’s vaccination history, a portable water dish, a suitable carrier or cage, food (canned and dry), phone numbers for family members, and any medication they may need.

2. Have an Evacuation Strategy

Especially for those of us living on the coasts! Make sure you have a plan for hurricanes and earthquakes. This includes familiarizing yourself with emergency shelters and vets in the area.

3. Make Sure Your Pet is Microchipped

Microchipping your pets is affordable and relatively easy. To find an affordable means in your area, call your local humane society.

4. Bring Your Pets Inside at the First Sign of Trouble

Emergencies can happen in a matter of minutes. Always bring your pets inside at the first sign of a coming storm.

Donate to the Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief Fund to help a pet and family in need.

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