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Is My Christmas Tree Safe for My Pets?

On today’s edition of “The Hydro Pet Daily”, we discussed the importance of keeping your pets clear of your Christmas tree.

Here are some of the hidden dangers:

Pine tree sap

Getting pine tree sap out of your pet’s fur can be a nightmare! On top of that, although pine sap isn’t toxic, it can make your pets sick if ingested.

Pine needles

Our pets are curious, but it’s our job to keep them safe. Because our pets tend to explore their curiosities head-first, they are in danger of getting pine needles stuck in their nose, mouth, eyes and ears.


Although pretty, tinsel is easily digested and when that happens, your dog or cat’s intestines can become blocked. Blocked intestines require pricey surgery that is easily preventable!


As you know, a curious kitty or rambunctious puppy can lead to the destruction of countless glass ornaments.

How do you prevent Christmas chaos in your home? We recommend placing your Christmas tree in a corner, don’t hang ornaments off the very bottom of the tree, and place strategic sound-makers around the bottom of the tree so you are alerted when a pet is near. Patience, persistence and consistency is key when training your pet to stay away from your tree!

A well-trained home is a happy home.

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Happy Holidays!
The Hydro Pet

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