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Is Dust OK for my Hydro Pet Bowl?

Welcome to The Hydro Pet Post. Are you worried about rocks and dust getting into your Hydro Pet bowl? Watch the video above for some insight!

We suggest that Hydro Pet owners clean their bowls out once a week. Disconnect, dump and refill – your bowl will do the rest for you.

Ranch pets spend a lot (sometimes all) of their time outdoors.

To go along with today’s theme, here are some tips on keeping your ranch pets happy and healthy:

Keep them groomed

We can’t stress this enough. Whether you have a frisky feline or a ranch-hand pup, it’s important to keep your furry friends clean, de-matted and moisturized.

Pay attention to the weather.

If temperatures get too hot, or too cold, either bring your pets inside, or make sure that they have the appropriate shelter outside to stay comfortable and happy. Just because pets are outside, doesn’t mean they should be left to fend for themselves.

Make sure they always have fresh food and water.

Always have an available source of water, and get them on a food schedule. Never leave food or water stagnant as that can lead to insect infestations, buildup of grime and biofilm, or old, stale water and food can taste bad to your pets, leading them to drink and eat less.

Keep them engaged in family life.

Even barn cats need affection, playtime and engagement to stay approachable and family-friendly. Don’t leave your backyard pets alone too long. Keep their minds active and playtime limitless and you will have devoted, well-rounded outdoor pets.

Love your pets!
The Hydro Pet Team


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